Better Business Bureau Daze

Earlier today I received a phone from the Better Business Bureau looking to “verify some information about Monarch.” I’m actually very cautious when it comes to these types of calls and try to end them as quickly as possible, but it was the BBB so I gave the person the benefit of the doubt.

Took a couple of minutes but I soon realized that this was not a verification call at all but a sales call wanting me to sign up for their online business service. I quickly verified that fact when I asked point blank was “is this call going to cost me something?”

“No” was the initial response. “This is only to inform you of the additional services we offer.”

Services they offer for a fee. At that point I almost said to the person “I’d like to speak with someone in your customer relations department, as I ‘d like to lodge a formal complaint about a business that I feel uses subversive tactics to sell their services to unsuspecting customers.” Boy, that would have been so much fun. Afterall, isn’t that what the BBB is known for? Taking on complaints and resolving disputes? That’s what I have used them for.

In the end, I decided it was just not worth the time. I very politely told the person I wasn’t interested, which of course made them very unhappy. I wonder if she complained to the Better Business Bureau about me?



About IraSez

I am the owner of Monarch Communications, a graphic design/advertising/website design firm in Millburn, NJ. You can take a look at some of our work at I started IraSez at the urging of my wife, a couple of friends and several facebook friends who actually encouraged me to write a book. They think I'm funny but some of my latest blogs have covered some rather somber topics. In my spare time, I run the local SU alumni club. I'm in the 9th year of a 3 year term or as us SU grads called "fuzzy math." I'm SU '82, wife is SU '83, daughter is SU '11, son is SU '14, even my nephew goes to SU. So yes, we bleed Orange. I like to play golf, watch the same movies over and over, and take long walks with my dog on the trails in South Mountain Reservation behind Old Short Hills. If you see a guy wearing something with an SU logo chasing after a dog named Cosmo, that's me!
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One Response to Better Business Bureau Daze

  1. shermcraig says:

    I don’t know if I could have been that restrained. I often think of the Seinfeld episode whenever I get one of them, however I am not typically as nice.

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