Squeezy Pickle Promo

Today in the mail I got one of those squeezy ball stress relief type things but it wasn’t in the shape of a ball…it’s a pickle. Not that a squeezy pickle shouldn’t come with it’s own squeezy ball (or balls). For some strange reason I find my new squeezy pickle mesmerizing, as if it’s calling my name and saying “Ira, squeeze me.”At least it’s not telling me to rub it or something perverse like that.

I have other squeezy type items in my office.  There’s a few squeezy balls, an avocado (complete with nut) and a squeezy light bulb, which should help me come up with bright ideas but I think it’s blown it’s fuse or filament or whatever makes a light bulb glow because it never spoke to me. On the other hand (need to watch my words on this one), the pickle did inspire to call a potential new client who sells pickles.  I mean actually pickles…sours, dills, garlic and other yummy stuff.

I have also been using my pickle to relieve my stress and after all, isn’t that what a stress relief pickle is supposed to do. But when I do use the squeezy pickle for it’s intended purpose, I feel like I should take a shower or at least wash my hands. And I get the funny feeling the pickle likes it when I squeeze it. I’m just beginning to think that it’s a dirty little pickle with a mind of it’s own. Now I have to deal with two of them.


About IraSez

I am the owner of Monarch Communications, a graphic design/advertising/website design firm in Millburn, NJ. You can take a look at some of our work at www.MonComInc.com I started IraSez at the urging of my wife, a couple of friends and several facebook friends who actually encouraged me to write a book. They think I'm funny but some of my latest blogs have covered some rather somber topics. In my spare time, I run the local SU alumni club. I'm in the 9th year of a 3 year term or as us SU grads called "fuzzy math." I'm SU '82, wife is SU '83, daughter is SU '11, son is SU '14, even my nephew goes to SU. So yes, we bleed Orange. I like to play golf, watch the same movies over and over, and take long walks with my dog on the trails in South Mountain Reservation behind Old Short Hills. If you see a guy wearing something with an SU logo chasing after a dog named Cosmo, that's me!
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One Response to Squeezy Pickle Promo

  1. Jim says:

    Sounds like you’ve gotten yourself into quite the pickle, Ira.

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